Friday, January 15, 2016

A Whisper Girl!

I don’t have time to slow down…
Noting can kill my pace. I yield a 26hours day form a 24hour one. It’s a race against myself. No shackles, only a runway to help me sore. It’s the story of my life and yours too. Our goals may be different, but the only constant remains is the will to never stay stagnant.  
It’s never been a better time to be me.. A Woman! Avenues, in-numerous and the aim to reach the sky. With such a rush in the air to have it all, when I see women call it quits and blame it on the period, I lose it. Am sorry but I don’t sympathies. Equip yourself with tools that make periods more comfortable,  you may slow down your pace if you will, but never quit stating #Those5days.
-        Dedicated to all the women who back out of  life just cause they have their periods.   

The Period Talk:
At the St. Regis a bunch of women bloggers got together to witness the unveiling of the all new Whisper Ultra, the no. 1 sanitary napkin brand in the country. You can read all about my experience about the even here.

After exchanging period woes with the likes of Aditi Mittal and Kalki Koechlin,  Gynecologist Dr. Nandita Palshetkar and Rnd expert Chetan Kotyalkar. I truly gained a new sense empowerment as a woman and tools and tips on how to #OwnThose5Days.
At the end, all of us went back home with a pack of the new and improved Whisper Ultra that claimed to have: 
-        Softer top sheet
-        Faster absorption
-        Better dryness
-        Better odor lock.


All these claims boiled down to the day when the real Aunt Flow arrived: I was rather excited to put it to the test.  If talks about gruesome bleeding along with gory details irk you out, this might be a good time to exit. 

Day#1- Is kinda easy on me.. Little spots preparing me for what’s about the follow.

Day#2- This is the day when I feel like am in a losing battle, between my will to be alive and my uterus. Half day through and I normally needed to change my pad twice till 2pm. But today I didn’t feel any discomfort or wetness without a single change. The top layer is significantly softer and it surely had better absorption. I didn’t experience any wetness and I didn’t secretly tug my underwear out of discomfort when no one was looking.

Night#2- I normally sleep like a straight up log fearing that I might stain my bed and I’d wake up to a scene from The Psycho. But with the new whisper and better comfort, the period night was more comfortable that it generally is.

Day#3- Peeing during periods puts my lung capacity to the test. Every time I sit down I need to hold my breath to avoid the ghastly period smell. But with better odor lock on-board I could breath and pee, both at the same time!

Day#4- So by this time THE GREAT AUNT FLOW is about to make an exist. But not before she leaves  little presents behind. Drum Rolls for the Nasty rashes! It’s a byproduct of having plastic on me for 96 hours straight. But with the new Whisper Ultra and its softer top sheet it felt like it was kinder on my skin. No Rashes, now that’s a score!

To sum it up.. The new and Improved Whisper Ultra stands true to its claims and I would totally endorse it to help you #OwnThose5Days.  

You too can try the all new whisper for free here.
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