Sunday, February 23, 2014

THE BOOK : The one who laughs last , thinks slowest.

Dr. Patel’s latest book “The one who laughs last , thinks slowest
Is now available FREE with every Home Pack of  Cadbury 5 Star*
So rush to your nearest retailer now!
*offer expires 23rdFeb2014.

Rumor has it that he is looking for a 4th wife.


Anita Sabat said...

Wow, Disha! So many Conditions along with the Solutions :)
Great guide book! Images are nice too & parting words are so true!
Best wishes for the contest :)

sulekkha said...

Absolutely amazing and creative post, best wishes for the contest.

Red Handed said...

Damn, this is one seriously creative post!!!!!

Maniparna said...

I love this post of of luck..:-)

Phantom Delight said...

Love your solutions Disha :)

Anonymous said...

good one....! very creative...

Anonymous said...

This is amazingly creative. And to be honest, one of the best entries that I've seen. Good luck for the contest :D

DS said...

This is one of the best posts I have read in this contest, so very unique and original, the presentation is fresh and neat to boot!! I will not feel sad if such a post wins, All the very best Disha :)

Maniparna said...

Disha, that coffee mug is still available on Flipkart...I grabbed it from there..:-D

Canary said...

Eagerly awaiting Dr. Patel's next bestseller :D

jingles said...

I just love the way u present ur thoughts :) Its an amzing post disha

All the best

Jyotsna Bhatia said...

Whoaaa.. What an amazing post you have put up here Disha. Loved it. Just loved it. You rocked woman.. Loved all of them, especially no. 10 ;) All the best girl :)

Nirvana said...

had to wait a while before I could type without guffawing!! Loved it!

disha said...

That was the whole idea :D
M glad u enjoyed!

disha said...

Anita , Thanks.
Wish you the same!!

Appreciate your appreciation.

Cause put in serious efforts,
not to mention an entire carton of 5star that I gorged on for inspiration.
Thanks for dropping by.

I love it that u love this post of mine
thanks 4 dropping by :)

thanks, but they are not mine but Dr. Patels :)

Now that’s the kind of statement that makes my day.
I thrive on attention and u just filled my quota for the day :)

My work finds redemption when people like you drop by and say such kind words. I concur; I too will not feel sad if such a post wins ;p

Delighted to see you back :)
Let me know if u want a signed copy of this one p

Thanks for your kind words :)

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