Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Deflowering @The #DovePlay Meet!

When you are a procrastinator by habit and an Alzheimer’s patient by genes, it’s not the best idea to wait too long to write about something. But funnily, am glad I took the time sharing my meet experience, so that I didn't end up giving you an annoying Primetime-Newsreport . In turn, in this transition of 10 days I lost out on minuscule details but what I was left with was a pleasant aftertaste that’s worth sharing!


After a fantastic Mothers day lunch with my mum and my mother-in-law ( eye rolls from Balaji fans plz) I left for the meet. With a broken foot and a clutch in my tow I walked down the alley that lead to my “Deflowering”.

Tagging all the lovely ladies I meet on the meet,
Make sure to check out their super awesome blogs:
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The Dove® Intensive Repair experience!
A skeptic by nature, I hate doing things out of my comfort zone. So the switch from my age old bottle of foam to the newly acquired Dove® Intensive Repair Shampoo & Conditioner was tough one. Since I was riding high on my meet experience I decided to give it a shot…
My hair needed some major damage control after my current episode of the French bouffant at my cousins wedding. Am glad I had Dove on me. It stripped the products right off my hair without drenching the life out of it.

I am only a quarter way down my bottle and already have received a compliment or two,
Don’t want to let out too much as wouldn't want to jinx it ;)
Get armed here girls: #DovePlay
And let the games begin!