Saturday, June 15, 2013

" The list " - a movie by homemade productions , produced by WeChat & Indiblogger

We are visual animals , PERIOD !
I remember  my mom always wondered how I could remember all the dialogs of a movie but could barely vomit out the history dates in the exam.If only they made an epic movie on every history chapter , may be my grades wouldn’t suck .

Applying on the same principle where i hate reading long posts, here is a fun visual approach where  I have created an annimated video about the people I would like to connect on WeChat !

Since we are on the topic , don’t forget to check WeChat’s Youtube link ,
Go there to learn all you need to know about the app , 
or simply check the delicious Varun Dhavan & Parineeti Chopra.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

A blast form the Past Present & The Future

     Agrrrr ! I hate it that my bladder is squeezed to a size of a pea, feel like I literally live in the bathroom. That’s the price you pay when ur caring a nine month over due baby who just refuses to make it's transition .

    Secrets to an undisturbed siesta  : in the middle of your sleep it’s not the wisest of choices to reach for the clock, It wakes your brain . But I’m a bit of a rebel , have always been. It's almost midnight and m trying hard to catch get some sleep.
A flashing green halo illuminates my cellphone . I'm not cool enough to have people holler me at this hour.
I wonder who could it be?
It says you have been added to a group on WeChat :
    HUH ? a group of my namesake. I am the only Disha I know, who are the others.

Group members: Disha10 , Disha16, Disha28, Disha44, Disha66.

What the hell is this, I type.....

    And BAM !  I was transported back to reality as my baby breaks into a dance routine in my belly.
Dazes, confused ,or dreaming , I couldn’t make sense of what had just happened.
   If only I had got some more time to discuss my midcap investments. Hell, I should have checked the gold prices in 2051. I reached for the phone to double check, no trace of the chat  :( 
   My attention drew to last nights half read article in the “The International Business Times” next to my bed

“WeChat’s user base reaches 50million”

hmmm .. this App. sure sounds interesting , let me check WeChat's Youtube Link  and find out if they will be working on the "Breaking The Continuum Of Time " feature , in the near future ;)

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