Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Italian Cook-off at APB Studios.

I was being transported from the sets of Rachel Allen bake, to reliving the Scarlett Johansson Jon Favreau’s famous ‘Chef moment and after a while I felt like I was at a cheeky teenage slumber production. That’s pretty much sums up my experience at the Italian Cook-off at The APB Studios hosted by the celebrity food blogger Rushina M Ghildiyal and Ritu Gorai JAMM’S founder.

The Rachel Allen Bake experience.. I am someone who loves watching foods shows over soaps. One of my favorite is the Rachel Allen Bake.. where the cookery school students have their own little portions of dough to work with. I always wanted to be able to learn like that. The cooking experience at APB was just not a demo with a bla recipe but we got to cook our own little focaccia. I was literally breaking bread with Rushina and 4 other mommy bloggers… 


 The Scarlett Johansson and Jon Favreau’s food seduction experience…  So Rushina takes center stage and announces. Toady am going to teach you a recipe that will get your man to do anything that you want.. EVER…. Discussions about solitaries and trips to the Alps were followed by the classic Spaghetti Aglio e Olio. She added her little variation of adding green garlic and green chilies by staying true to the use the produce in bloom philosophy . Soon we got to cook off our personal batches and sat down for lunch.

The teen age slumber production moment.. I blame it on the Garlic.. the infamous aphrodisiac, had 7 women who pretty much were strangers until few hours ago were busy discussing all things sex and boys.. Food really does that to people. It brings them closer and an impersonal space like the APB Studios is instrumental in creating food memories. 


This was my second visit to the APB and am such a fan of the sheer versatility of the space. APB is famous for arranging cook off by chefs from all over the world to hosting book launches. From an hands on, how to cook experiences, to hosting a little cook your own pizza and cupcake party for kids birthdays. The possibilities are endless.. 

Apart from running her pet project, this full time mommy of two is also a gifted artist.

 To get in touch with APB and get on their mailing list of their upcoming events connect them here. And if you are a mom from Mumbai and are looking to be a part of a no- nonsense, socially responsible community dedicated just for moms get in touch with the fabulous Ritu Gorai @ JAMM’S.. 

I went back home with a signed copy of Rushina’s book,
A pinch of this, A handful of that.


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