Friday, January 15, 2016


A banquet full of women bloggers at the St Regis, Mumbai got  together to discuss the great Aunt Flow. With the promise to relieve your period woes disappear, Whisper launched its The New Whisper Ultra - a revolutionary pad that absorb more & lasts longer.

Now I frankly hate product launches. They are generally dry and put me to sleep quicker than my history teacher. But the Whisper Event seemed promising. With the lineup of the Ace Stand-Up Comedian Aditi Mittal and the fantastic Actress Kalki Koechlin to keep her company, the “conventional” product launch got a whole new makeover. 

It felt like and extended slumber party where we shed our inhibitions and discussed important issues such as period taboos. We busted some period myths and discussed funny “Do you have an extra napkin situations”. Experts such as Gynecologist Dr. Nandita Palshetkar, shared tips on period hygiene and the R&D Expert - Chetan Kotyalkar demonstrated how the new and improved Whisper is better than its earlier products.  

Our society has added such stigma towards periods. I was lucky enough to come from a family who was more supportive and open, but I had seen friends suffer. Whenever they got their periods, they had to sleep on the floor, some got to school with self-made messy braids, just cause their mothers wouldn’t do up with hair on “those days”..Imagine we were only 13 back then. On one hand we were getting used to cramps and living in the fear of staining our selves, the least the world could have done is be more supportive as opposed to treat us like we are diseased.

Whisper is proudly doing vigorous campaigns such as Touch The Pickle, to bust these exact myths and getting society to be more accepting. This intense discussion was followed by the unveiling of the all new Whisper Ultra. Anything that can make my period a little more comfortable is a serious blessing. And the all new Whisper Ultra dose just that, by promising better absorption, better odor lock and better comfort. 

The meet ended with a fun workout, Period Pledges, which was followed by some scrumptious finger foods. The Bloggers went back with a the new and improved Whisper Ultra and a sports bottle to remind us that periods should not get in the way of life. I’ve always been a Whisper Girl and found their products best in class. But to know that they have upgraded my already favorite Whisper Ultra has surely got me wanting to put it to the test. I’ll be sure to put in my reviews about the new and improved Whisper as soon.

All in all the meet had a great positive vibe.. I also realized that  I love my periods.. it gives me a free pass to behave like a Godzilla, plus I get to enjoy a slice of guilty free Chocolate cake!
Don’t forget, the world exists because a woman can bleed.

You too can try the all new whisper for free here.
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Dr. Ajeet.R said...

More Power to you girls !

Dr. Ajeet.R said...

tweeting this right away..
Don’t forget, the world exists because a woman can bleed.

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