Wednesday, December 23, 2015

FlipKart Kids

A commercial for the all new Funschool Pop up pirate intercepted the Dora and Boots adventure. I knew what coming up next.. Mom I want this! Christmas is around and since he has been such a good boy all year I think he has earned this one. We quickly get the tablet. Firstly check out the reviews online. “It looks fun Ma”, he says. Now for the troubling part. To find out the damage. With the FunSchool label I assumed it was a 1000 upwards. But I was in for a sweet surprise. It was available on Flipkart for a steal at 640. Plus free shipping…  Into the cart it went and we await for the little men in blue to come baring our pirate.

Am a chronic deal hunter.. so shopping online for me is a sheer rush. Especially when it comes to buying toys online. I’ve scored some great knock off’s on Thomas tracks, hot wheel cars, tons of reading material, fun worksheets,  his scooter, a wave board, a minion backpack are only a few of the things from our online shopping haul of 2015. One of it was bought on a full price. Trying getting the same deal on your local store.

I love the comfort of shopping on the go. I not only have a hassle free shopping experience, but return too are a breeze. For the last three years that I’ve been a FlipKart shopper I’ve returned a few products and the pickup is quick and the refunds are efficiently reverted.  Try doing that at the local store.. he will ask you to come again cause the returns are only accepted between 12-4, he announces smugly pointing at a dainty sign. 

You shop at the mall you say.. firstly parking is not only expensive but finding a spot on a weekend is a whole other challenge. As you enter the store with the product you are expected to get a gate pass.. which is a painfully slow process. Then get it checked at the customer service counter on another floor altogether. Where they generate a credit note, make you sign the register. This credit note if not used instantly will most definitely be lost. In this fast paced world id rather spend quality time doing something I love rather than spending time in long checkout ques. 

E-commerce has come a long way and FlipKart has been instrumental in changing the shopping scene of India. I remember its humble  beginnings as an online book store and to growing into one of the largest ecommerce website in the country. It has truly redefined they way be buy.

On 19th December I was at the Indiblogger & Flipkart Bloggers meet @BlueFrog, where they announced the launch of their official kids store i.e. Flipkart kids. We address a lot of issues from getting more variety to maintain safety standards. Am a true Flipkart shopper and can’t wait to  see what’s in stored for the mommy in me.. 


Me rubbing shoulder with the Bheem and the official Bheem and the Himalayan adventure  Movie merchandise was a great surprise for my Son.


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