Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Nutrition overhaul!

Snack menu for school days…
Monday- cheese and carrot parathas.
Tuesday- oats and walnut cupcakes.
Wednesday- mayo broccoli and corn sandwich.
Thursday- Nutella and dates crêpe
Friday-  Mixed sprouts Bhel.

One of the biggest challenges a parent faces is trying to get some nutrition into their little monsters. My child loves his vegetables, said no mom ever. So the only option we are left with is disguising health with a bit of a bait.
It’s a constant struggle.. the dinner table feels like an Arnab debate where we contemplate the future of the multigrain- Dal khichadi on his McQueen racer plate. Negotiations & connotations feel like they go on for an infinity.
Milk, the wonder food is a whole separate challenge.
7.45 am - We are in a race against time. The son needs to be dressed and fed all in time or we miss the bus, which translates into another 40 minutes wasted beating the mad morning rush to school. This morning dash is made worse when my son staring at the glass of Milk un-interestingly announces MILK IS YUCK!

I reckon children are programmed to hate milk or for that matter anything with truckloads of nutrition.  ‘Creative ways to feed a picky eater’ is am sure the most Googled topic by all conscience  parents.
In my conversations with lots of parents I always love to find how they get their kids to love food. Last year I was at a cook off with Rushina, a chef and celebrity food blogger and she shared how she always got her kids involved in cooking. Her 5yr old hated carrots.. So instead of forcing it down her throat, she got creative. Together they made fun carrot carvings, shaving of carrot that were called carrot pasta, baked some carrot cup cakes… the works. She slowly took a liking to carrots.. A hallelujah moment for Rushina!

I took my cues from her and started incorporating the fun back in the food. Milk has been one of my biggest challenges so far.. But I came up with ways of making Milk more fun..

#1One of the house favorite is the milk and fruit popsicle that we make. This time around strawberries are in bloom. So we chop a few and churn the rest with milk and let them freeze away to whole milk popsicle glories… You can substitute this with any fruit of your choice.

#2Another one of my sons favorite treat after football practice is Brown Sugar and Vanilla milk shake. Brown sugar beingl less refined then wihite is s good option, also make sure you only use pure vanilla extract only. I serve it in chic mason jars and add a dollop of ice crème as a special treat.

#3But for days when I just don’t have the luxury of time on me, I safely reach out for Sipahh. All it needs is a glass of cold milk, and he sips away at a flavor wonderland. With zero preservatives, natural flavor and only half a tsp of sugar per serving, I don’t feel guilty when I indulge him in some Okey-Dokey Cookies and crème goodness.  

turning plain milk into Strawsome!

As long of you find ways to make meal time more fun.. The dinner table will be a much more happier place… Got a creative spin on something healthy? 
Share your ideas in the comments below. 
You might just save a mom from her Milk misery.

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Dr. Ajeet.R said...

Could surely use a few of the tips on my nephew. He HATES milk. the straws sure look interesting..

priya singh said...

my kids love milk.. but i make sure i keep reinventing it every now and then. i loved the Popsicle and fresh fruit idea. would be such a fun thing on a summer day.. all this milk talk makes me want to mug of hot coco now!

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