Monday, July 7, 2014

The MillionDollar Food, #KillerGarlicBread #Borosil

Your everyday food,
That looks like a million,
Tastes like a million!

Love how we Indians adapt. 
We take in the best from around the world, and make it our own. 
Some of them are hits, others misses... 
One of the most scrumptious recipe that often get wrong is, 
The Garlic Bread. 
I loved my Indi version of the SliceBread+AmulButter+Garlic+ChilliFlakes combination up until I tired the real thing. 
I promise you, the day you try the garlic bread the Italian way, 
you will never, 
and I mean NEVER settle for anything lesser.


In case you don’t plan on sharing, while baking this one make sure all the doors and windows are closed. 
Cause when this bad boy bakes, people will come knocking’.

If you plan on serving The Garlic Bread as a part of hors d'oeuvres for a party,
then make sure you some extra loves on hand. 
Cause these babies fly faster than you can blink.

The Twice baked Garlic Bread!

A crusty Italian loaf cut into half.

Get a hand full of garlic and a fist full of parsley, whiz it along with a half a cup of olive oil.

Drizzle the two open halves with this aromatic garlic oil.

Put the halves back together and wrap it in aluminum.

Bake it @200 for 10.

Unwrap the loaf and get ready to be bowled over by the burst of garlic aromas.
Temptation guaranteed.

Drizzle the open halves with generous rain of mozzarella.

Grate some Parmesan and finish it off whit some black pepper.

Bake it again, this time keeping them open @200 for 10, 
or up until the cheese melts and your mouth salivates!

Cut it into desired pieces, toss in a chic platter.
Remember presentation is key!  
If your dish tastes like a million it needs to look like a million too.
Or else 
whats the point!

The twice baking gives it this amazing crust, 
but the center gets all cheesy and fully. 
It’s an amazing combination of flavors’ and textures.
Bon appétit!

This authentic Italian recipe was brought to you in association with 
The same people who make test-tubes, microwavable’s and more.
A little style with great quality can never hurt.
It just adds that dash of drama to the good ol drab GharKaKhana

This recipe was shared with me by a chef who owns a super cool food truck named Soul Kitchen ,that serves authentic wood fired pizzas and bread right on the busy streets of Melbourne. 
Wish we too had a food truck culture back in India


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