Monday, July 7, 2014

The MillionDollar Food #TheLastSupper #Borosil

Your everyday food,
That looks like a million,
Tastes like a million!

If I had a day to live,
And had to wish my last meal,
It wouldn’t be a fancy Thin Crust Pizzas,
Not even those Sushi Wraps,

It would be a plate full of PaniPuri,
May be a dollop of butter under the fiery PavBhaji.
A nibble of crisp Cheese Grilled Sandwich,
Half an Idlli dunked in golden goodness.
A wedge of the famous ChopsueyDosa,
And bite of my favorite CholeKulchas.
Small serving of Bhurji with Rumali,
And  some DalChawal made by Ma.
A Thepla rolled into a pipe,
And Some chilled Lassi to wash it all down.
that’s all for the mains folks,
As I am trying to keep it light.

For the desserts,
I'd like some Rabri with piping hot Jalibies,
A Kulfi and make it Pista.
Brownie smeared with gooey goodness,
And scoop of Madagascar vanilla to keep it company.
Mom’s famous GajarHalwa,
And some Malpua dripping with Ghee.
Rasmalai with all its succulent goodness.
A hot GulabJamun and that's all that I can eat.

Can’t afford to look bloated on my last day 
So I'll end it with a truffle
Finishing it off with a paan to aid digestion,
Correction, make that chocolate paan :)

So what if it’s my last meal,
You better server it in style.
Though my meal choices are not pretentious,
But that shouldn’t stop you from laying a spread fit for the Queen.

Reminding me of the beautiful life ‘Ive had,
And the infinite possibilities that lay ahead of me.

That’s how I'd describe,
What would yours be??

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Maniparna Sengupta Majumder said...

You've mentioned almost all my favourite dishes except the non-veg ones... you're a vegetarian I surmise .. Nicely written Disha.. :-)

divsi said...

oh my i m drrrrroooolinggg disha!!! :) good luck for the contest!

Anita said...

Yummy food. But, why Last Supper? Greedy! Hope we get to eat this everyday! :)

Bhavika Veera said...

Awesome Disha. .. already mouth watering... All de best disha

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