Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The MillionDollar Food #KandaBhajiya #Borosil

 Your everyday food,
That looks like a million,
Tastes like a million!

They've been playing hide and seek,
But they'll get here eventually.
And when they do, am going to be armed.

Not with my umbrella but my kadchi.
Rains are the best part of living in Mumbai.
The effervescent romance in the air during rains is scintillating. 

The earthy smells wake up cravings.
A hot cutting, with Rafi and the background,
And am ready to whip up some piping hot bhajiyas
It’s a sin of epic proportions if you go through the rains without a batch Kanda bhajis.

Am salivating,
With thought of  julienned onions,
Kissing the greens of chilies and coriander,
A dash of lime and spices bringing it all together,
Peeping toms of flavorful cumin,
And a blanket of chickpea flour to bind it in unison of hallelujah.

The trick is to,
Let the onions relax in this exploding bath for then minutes.
Once the onions ooze all their juicy goodness,
Take little portions and dunk them in hot oil.
Your senses will be at their pinnacle as you patiently wait from them to turn golden.

Pop one in the mouth whilst it’s hot,
What’s a little burnt tongue when it comes to pakodas.
Toss the rest of the bhajiyas in a stylish platter,
Center the platter with dollop of mint chutney as a dip.
Curl up in front of the TV and Enjoy!

p.s. they make great accompaniment for a party,
Serve them with a little flare and you will surely have them talking.

In a Stylish Tumbler make a bed of some mint yogurt,
Top it off with a big chunk of Bhajiya in each glass,
Finish off with a spring of parsley .
And they will be begging for more!

This post was in association with Indiblogger and Borosil.
The same people who bring you test-tubes, microwavable’s and more.
A little style with great quality can never hurt.
It just adds a dash of drama to your good ol drab GharKaKhana.

BTW have you played my guessing game yet?? 
A Challenge to all the foodies  


Aparna Anurag said...

yummy post!!

Ekta Khetan said...

Yum yum yum....says the rats in my tumm..
Let me feed them these bhajiyas
So they can vanish run run run :)

Beautiful post gal! What less could I expect from creative you :)

Ankita said...

different and nice!

Disha Kotak said...

thanks guys!

ajeet ramani said...

bang on!
rains and kanda bhajiya are a match mad in haven.
am craving them more after reading your post

Disha Kotak said...

I love them too. .

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