Monday, July 21, 2014

Breaking Free From The Vanilla ME!

Context: List out 5 things that can add Zest to your life.

I turn thirty soon and am not squeamish about it.
But in retrospect, there are things I would have loved to do.
But i didn't. 
Because I was a BIG chicken.

To hell with all my Inhibitions,
If I don’t start living now, then when?
By doing some crazy and some not so crazy things,
I want to feel adventure, feel reckless, feel alive....
And bring back the Zest in me.

How about a nice flavor of a chocolate mud pie,
Tired of being the vanilla ol' me..

Watch a movie and enjoy a dinner by myself.

   I’ve contemplated doing this a thousand times. But every time I picture myself heading towards the box office, all alone and asking for a single ticket, petrifies me. People might end up thinking that am a sadist or suicidal. So a movie by myself would be empowering. 
I need to learn "how to not give a DAMN."
I want to learn to enjoy my company. Minus the husband, the kid and the smart phone. Just me and my pizza. The best part about a dinner out alone is, I don’t even have to share the dessert...

Crash a wedding.

   Don’t know why, but I love cheap thrills. All dolled up, I want to show up at a lavish wedding. Eat free food. Pretend I belong. Hell, if I am feeling courageous enough I might even go up and click a selfie with the bride and the groom.

Go backpacking.

   Baby steps, may be Pune. Would love to walk around the city without any agenda. Crash at a hostel and eat at the local bakery. May be even check myself in at the Rajneesh Ashram. How about those airy yoga pants and the mat flip-flops’?

Get drunk.

  Get drunk and put up a show, may be give a couple of people a piece of my mind. But the closest I’ve ever come to alcohol is mixing minuscule amounts with sugar laden juices. I’ve never developed a taste for it, but I still wanna get drunk. Don’t know how? 
If only they could come up with a milkshake and alcohol concoction.

Sing at a karaoke bar.

You can turn the clock to zero, honey
I'll sell the stock, we'll spend all the money
We're starting up a brand new day!!!

After getting drunk I want to head to a karaoke bar and sing, STING.
I wanna sing my lungs out, while no one is judging. 
And even if they are, am probably too drunk to notice.
liberation baby, LIBERATION!

We are our worst enemies,
No one has stopped me from doing anything, but myself.
Is OK not to be in control all the time,
Its about time I learned to have
 a little fun , add a little zest
happy 30th to me ;)

This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and


Anita said...

First, best wishes for your birthday, Disha!
Life is short & may we have zest! Adventurous list here.
I have done the point#1 - watched movie alone! But, in a movie-hall we are never alone :)
Best wishes for the contest :)

Disha Kotak said...

True that anita,

Amit Kumar Pattnaik said...
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Amit Kumar Pattnaik said...

So beautifully written and straight from the heart... (I could relate to this post because 2 and 4 have been my wishes too since long, and after reading this post, now I too wanna try the no. 5, may be someday soon :D)
This deserved to be among the winning entries. Congrats :))

Anonymous said...

This was straight from heart..Loved it :)

Disha Kotak said...

@Amit, am relived that am the not the only crazy one out there,
Do it, and let me know how it goes.

@deepti, thanks , it surely was.

divsi said...

awesome one! No 5 is on my bucket list too :)

Anita said...

Congrats for winning, girl! :)
Happy for you!

Najm Nisa said...

Hahaha ! I almost imagined you taking a cheesy selfie with the bride and the bridegroom :D The first one you MUST give a try immediately , Not giving a DAMN is one the best things indeed ;) A very zesty filled list ! Nice ! :))

Ekta Khetan said...

Well written girl! I am sure that there are few stuff here that I can help fulfill :)

Let's go!

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