Monday, March 24, 2014

Postcard's from Malaysia.

Before I begin,
A little prayer for the souls on board the MH307…

Day 4: Flight to Malaysia.
8 pm: After a memorable stay in Thailand we board a flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
10pm: Arrive at Kuala Lumpur airport and head to the hotel. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 5: Panoramic city tour of Kuala Lumpur.
7 am: Wake-up call
8 am: Breakfast
9 am: Departure
To get a closer look at Kuala Lumpur's most famous landmarks, like the King's Palace, National Monument, National Mosque, Jamed Mosque, Merdeka Square and National Museum. Admire Malaysia's most renowned structure, the world famous Petronas Twin Towers and enjoy a photo stop. Later transfer to your hotel and check in.

Day 6:  Genting highland day trip.
6.30 am: Wake-up call
7.30 am: Breakfast
8.30 am: Departure
This morning proceed to the ever-popular Genting Indoor Theme Park with one way cable car. A day of fun and adventure for the entire family. Enroute visit Batu Caves a series of sacred caverns for the Hindus of Malaysia. After an exciting day, return to Kuala Lumpur, the bustling capital of Malaysia.

Day 7: Flight back home.
 Good times need never end! As you get ready for the airport and your flight back home, relive the high points of your Far-east “holiday”. We are confident you will join us again, sometime soon.... Please do give us your valuable feedback on

Happy memories?
Or more like a boot camp?
That’s not a way to travel,
This plan might work for you if you travel to impress the world; it’s not surprising to see people get into the social ‘check-in’ frenzy even before checking in their luggage. Before the place and its culture could sink in you are sent packing on a plane, exhausted!

A “packed holiday” addict friend was on a hunt for a perfect destination for a few days to unwind,
His agenda was,
Find me a place,
Not too far, but exotic,
Not too expensive, but rich.
Bit of a challenge I suppose,
So I dug up my scrap book and cooked up a perfect holiday he will remember for the rest of his life.

Dear traveler,  
You asked for,
Some place not too far, is just 5hrs off Mumbai,
Some place exotic, how does a tropic rainforest sound?
Some place inexpensive, you can travel here on a shoe string budget,
Some place rich, its oozing with culture, heritage and experiences.
I give you,
Malaysia, truly Asia.

Things to check out in Malaysia:
The  Petronas Towers , the Genting Highlands and  Langkawi  should definitely make it to your must see list. But if you’re feeling funky then take my word and check some of my travel postcard from my trip to Malaysia,
( p.s. I know you’re too lazy to research, so have linked all the postcard images to websites that give you the best intel about the place and  have linked the postcard write-ups to the 
“getting there pages” to help you plan better.
So click away !,d.aGc,d.aGc


These were my top five things to do in Malaysia ,
Why don’t you make your list?
Learn to explore , 
It’s about time you toss the package itinerary” in the bin.

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Amazing wonders in my life said...

I like the way of postcards.... Very well written

Arvind Passey said...

A 'packed holiday' indeed... liked the postcard idea.

Arvind Passey

Bushra M said...

Beautiful and creative are the words Disha! You'll surely bag the trip to Malaysia :) Congos in advance :D

Anita said...

Picture Perfect Disha :) Real cool picture post-cards & destinations!
Even I wanna visit! :)
Best wishes!

swarn priya said...

Love ur blogs...u express ur words beautifully :) all the best for the contest!

Disha Kotak said...

Am all smiles,
Swarms priya , am glad you enjoy my blog , am a lazy writer though :D
Amazing Wonders, Mr Passey, Bushra and Anita thanks for your kind words.
Never been to Malaysia before , hope this gets me there.

Anuja Jain said...

Very Nice Post Dhish with The Interesting Postcard Ideas. All the best.

Anuja Bhatt

Anonymous said...

made a good read here, really feel like travelling to Malaysia, all the best for the contest.

caste said...

Very Nice Post.Wonderful blog & .Very book Ticket through Redbus

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