Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Great Indian Wedding Toys!

Weddings  in the late 80’s and the early 90’s were a blast for the kids.
Back in the days a peculiar toy vendor was parked outside every Shadi hall .He had all sorts of goodies that excited my little self beyond imagination. The toys were special as you couldn’t source them from your regular toy shops but were only sold at these Venus. They were simpler times when The Hamleys was an alien world and games of hide and seek were far more captivating than your Angry Birds genre today.
One would find toys like :a snake made out of cane , that  flexed up to two feet and came with stinger at the end, (my mum never bout me this one , she was always  worried id poke someone in the eye with it), a kaleidoscopes made out of broken bangles ,a black rectangle projectors with 5 negatives (mainly of iconic places of India).

One of my other favorite was a magical trick paper that came with a glass window in the center, and every time I folded it ,a new picture appeared in the window(i dont know how). It had beautiful pop art pictures of the Taj Mahal  and The Bengal tiger. 

These toys didn’t cost a fortune .Hence  the parents didn’t mind the little treat, as it kept the kids busy and they could happily focus on socializing !  The best part about all these toys was , they were  proudly made in INDIA .

Cut to 2012 ,
The toy vendors are nowhere in sight , they are replaced by posh valet services. Whatever vendors that are still left in smaller wedding Venus , sell cheap imports from china, whose unboxing time and the time it takes to fall apart is pretty much the same . Not to mention the toxic colors and the choking hazards that come free with it.

 I wish I could source the toys form back in the days . would love to see my son enjoy them as much as I did .Any of you reading my post know what I m talking about holler back at me , Also if you know a place where I can find these toys, let me know.  Will be ready to gate crash that wedding any day!

(p.s. did try and source pictures for my post but looks like Google doesn’t  have a clue what i am talking about )


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