Saturday, December 29, 2012

He Says , She Says - Shave or Crave initiative

            This post is a part of Shave or Crave initiative by Gillette , powered by Blogadda 

Disclaimer : while reading this post plz up your level of imagination and tell your logic to take a back seat. But remember ,the message conveyed here is real and should not be taken for granted , or your love life would be in serious jeopardy!

Men are visual animals !
Hence I have created a visual guide for  the men to decode the female brain.
The topic at hand today is : Misconception of the alpha male about his stubble !
Men and women are from different planets, as clearly pointed out by John Gray ,hence their cognitive capabilities also differ. They might be looking at the same picture but might perceive it very differently .

To prove this hypothesis, let’s have a little game of  He says , She says.

 He says : I look like this when I sport a stubble !

 She says : that’s who you remind me of when I see you with that stubble!


He says : a kiss by me fells like :


She says : a kiss form you feels like :



 He says : stubble represents:



She says: stubble represents:



He says : Man I m going to see some action today with this rugged look!




She says : if he comes in today with that 5pm shadow for the date, all he’ll get to see ,  is the door!




There it is !
That’s a low down on the truth about what women actually think about men with stubble !

But there are some men who think that their stubble makes them attractive.
So let’s take a closer look at that beard and find out more ,
And by close , I mean literally!


Was that attractive ? I don’t think so !
This picture just made me loose my lunch!
Forget about canoodling a man with a stubble , i wont want to stay in the same room with him!

For all the men reading my post , let me share a  secret about women :
We think Shaving Is Sexy!
      Something about seeing a man lather up and shave  is both comforting and sexy. Bonus points if he uses cool tools like a shaving blade like Gillette , foam etc . Extra bonus points if he lets his woman try shaving for him!

But men, if you still want to live in denial , it’s your call,
The ultimate truth is : if you don’t  SHAVE , you will have to CRAVE !

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Archana said...

Good one!! Funny , and I especially loved the close-up of the unshaved look - yuck!

Disha Kotak said...

i know , yuck! thanks archana :)

Chitz said...

congratulatons :)i had actually loved ur post

Disha Kotak said...

thanks chitz!

bellybytes said...

I loved your take on this one! Great imagination. Congratulations on your trip to Paris. Enjoy!

Disha Kotak said...

i appreciate your kind words , but the post that won me a trip to pairs is not this one , have put the link below :

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