Monday, January 7, 2013

POOR BHAI - carved till he shaved !

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                                     That’s my Bhai !

 Name : Hardik Kotak

Age: 31

Height : 6’1

Weight: 110 kg.

Color : dark whitish!

Interests: music, traveling , movies and playing with kids!

But, kids love playing with him ? not so much!

As you can gauge form this stat's that he pretty much looks like The Hulk , and so he dose!

If his height and weight were not enough to intimidate any one, he also wore a stubble 365 days!

365 days ? ya he never clean shaved  , only trimmed , eeewwwww , I know!

But this hulk kind of personality created havoc among kids in our society , every time he would see kids playing ,he would walk up to share pleasantries  and in response they would all scatter screaming murder!

This was the story with all the kids , he was the official GABBAR of the Kotak family . Mothers used his name liberally to keep their kids in line! POOR BHAI! No matter what he tried doing , he could never get the kids to like him.

Soon he got married and after 4 years was blessed with a lovely little boy! Bhabi was at her moms for post natal care and was only back with my nephew after five months! I remember Bhia was counting day’s to be with his son!

The D day came and we welcomed my nephew home . But what followed was not so pleasant. Ever time bhai went near him , he would cry helplessly ! This was rather unusual for a kid who was quite social otherwise. POOR BHAI! Mom suggested that he stay away from his son and let him get used to the new environment and maybe he would slowly well up to him too !

The following day was bhai’s scrutiny with the I.T. guys , so he  thought it would be a good idea to shave to look more like a business tycoon and less like a tax evading goon! The day went fine and was cleared of all charges . As he got home and was watching over his son ( at a distance mind you) he realized that his son was making eye contact and it didn’t result in screaming fits but in a pleasant smile! He mustered some courage and picked up his son from the cot! And what followed could only be described as magic ! My nephew couldn’t stop giggling while my brother held him. It was almost as if my brother was his best friend from the afterlife!  He was is haven!  That’s when it hit him that his stubble that he thought made him look all macho , actually made him look like a beast to the children!

My Bhai had to CRAVE  to play with his own son until he SHAVED !

That stubble never came back . He got popular with the kids and soon stared coaching the boys cricket team of Sulochana co-operative housing society! He was a happy man !

(p.s. I personally miss the stubble , it came in handy every time my palm itched , it was perfect scratching surface i say :-P )

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Bhavin Ruparelia said...

Stubble Trouble... :D

Surbhi Bafna said...

Congrats Disha!!! You have won the Paris trip. Kudos!!!!!
:D :D :D

Disha Kotak said...

hey surbhi ,
i know i just found out ,
thanks a ton !

bellybytes said...

What a great post! Love the story.

a Rat said...

interesting... congrats on your win.. happy flight to paris :-)

A Rat's Nibble

Disha Kotak said...

hi ,
rat , that's an interesting name , m sure there is a story behind it ,
thanks , but this is not the winning post , here's the link :

hope u enjoy it !

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