Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It’s the apocalypse they say , but I think my world just ended !

how did it come to this?

before begin a mum I always had some set rules about the things that I will and will not do with my KIDS.
not letting my son watch TV was one of the reservation I had, and always looked down upon moms who let the idiot box baby sit their tots.
but as they say never be too quick to judge , I soon was one of THOSE moms.

But when I discovered CBeebies , I was in mommy haven!
 the channel had apt content for my two yr old, with no nonsense ads bombarding my child's mind with things he didn’t need ,  or no over aliens invasion and destroying the world or no 5-year-old boy who is constantly doing and saying inappropriate things. I was happy that I could safely keep my toddler occupied with contend that would only nurture his mind , while finish my chores. And meal time was always a breeze with the Teletubbies.

But sadly they decided to take the channel down. 
And the content that’s available for children on the other channels is scary, 
I don’t know what happened to the good old cartoon network , I was a 90's kid so I remember seeing the yogi bear, atom ant and Scooby on it . But the stuff  they run these days is enough to give any parent nightmares. Plus the contend and ad ratio is also at par.
it’s a sad time for a mom who is striving to give the best to the child with limited options out there.
 Heres hoping they start airing CBeebies , till then I guess I will have to stick to the DVD collection to wash down that meal without a world war! 
don't judge me, I have a fussy eater at hand , and I will break all hell loses if I have to , if that can get my son to finish his meal,
a desperate desperate mom!



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