Wednesday, December 26, 2012

To Vedant, on his 10th

Dear Vedant ,
You turn the big 10 today,
Ma has written this letter when u were just 2 . So consider this letter as your blast form the past.
Can’t begin to tell you that you make a wonderful two year old. Your smile brightens my darkest days and your love is just so warm that it makes my eyes well up. I am sure, today, you’re as wonderful.

 Don't know what the future holds for you my son, but I know it’s going to be magical. As you get older, things will get a lot more trying . But what I want you to remember is that,
 You are loved.

Vedant , there are something’s I want you to always remember ,

                           Eat healthy,  you will cherish the result latter,
                        don’t be afraid to make mistakes, its the only way you will learn.
                               Make new friends my son , but keep the old ones close .
              Don’t let your curiosity die, keep it alive and thriving, it will take you places.
                  Give more hugs than grief , and always give more, than take.
             if there is anything you want to talk about , we are there for you,
          if your in a trouble and need help getting out , we are a phone call away.
           we won’t judge you,  our love for you, will only grow, each day!

Now I know what you’re thinking," mom where is my real birthday gift" , 
You can find it safely tucked under your bed, hope you enjoy it.

also before you are off to eat that cake , make sure you fold this letter back for you to revisit when your 18.
Some things will make more sense to you then.

p.s. brush before going to bed. 
love ,
ma n pa !
2nd sep'12.

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