Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Be the wind beneath his wings

I sneak into his room. Carefully dogging my way across the lego’s , tossing his dirty socks in the hamper, slowly removing his glasses away from his sleepy eyes. I lay a kiss down on his scar, the one he endured while playing superhero.

  I reach into the kitchen… Prepping for the next day ahead. Making lists, planning menus, scheduling meetings, fighting with the calendar while I try and yield 26hours form a 24hour day. Just when everything is at rest, I grab my earl and sit down in my favorite spot in the house. I look up at his little artwork, so proudly pinned up on the refrigerator. It’s a picture of an astronaut munching on some fires while on his way to Saturn in his brightly colored spacecraft.

  Takes me back to the time when we as children were full of imagination. There was no limit to what we wanted to be. An orchard owner, cause I loved the smell of freshly picked oranges or An animal rescuer, cause I hated the sight up caged animals.. These are just a few of the things that I wanted to be when I grew up.. But once we grow up.. Reality gives a wake-up call and you end up making “smart” choices.
But I pledge to support his Dreams

  But children’s aspirations these days are evolving and we as parents need to be geared up for the same. We need to be prepared both financially and emotionally to be the wind beneath their wings. Career choices are getting more and more unconventional and expensive these days. It’s no longer just the doctors and engineers that are popular choices. Wild life photographers, professional chefs, a YouTube stars, travel writers, fashion designers, visual jockey etc. All are gaining popularity amongst this generation.

  With such a varied pallet of options available, have you as a parent done the math? The tuition fee is just a small number in the final sum, add to that the living cost in a distant university, also don’t forget to factor in the inflation. Plus a little extra cash tucked away just enough until their career takes off. The number that you derive in the end is what is needed to make his aspirations become a reality.

   Now all of this can seem a little overwhelming but you can start preparing by checking out the #DoYourHomework initiative by Axis Mutual Fund. The website takes all your needs into consideration and works up a target plan that you should be ideally on for a brighter tomorrow.

  Vedant wants to grow up be an astronaut. He gets that from his dad. Yogesh always loved planes and wanted to fly them for a living. Instead he chose the desk life. Paying for his flying lesson was not something his parents could afford back then. “But my son will not compromise,” he always said. He will follow his calling. With a strong back up of a intricate financial planning we are rest assured for his future. My child’s aspirations will not be curbed just because his parents didn’t plan any better.

How prepared are you as a parent? Share in your inhibitions in the comments below..


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