Tuesday, March 10, 2015

#LookUp, not behind..

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.
-Barack Obama

It’s so easy to get comfortable. The minute you get comfortable, you stagnate. Convenience is the key to your down fall. This truth applies to all the facets of our life. For instance you get comfortable in a relationship, a job, a career etc. You know that you are dead inside. You want to break free, but you still stick around because it’s convenient.

The thought of confrontation is what unnerves us. The confrontation with our selves, with our loved ones and the world around us. I too was a lazy snail. A snail that was happy living under the rock. Safe and secure. Sure when I looked up at myself in the mirror, my eyes were hollow and my heart was screaming for a change. But all I did was splash some water, put on a fake smile and went on with my life.
But for how long… My daemons caught up with me. Faking it, become more and more hard and something was slowing down my pace. Either I could let this thing break me or I could break away from it.

That day…
I waited for dad to come back home. At the dinner table my entire family was busy in my wedding frenzy.  I have an announcement, I said. They all froze and stared back at me. I broke into a sweat, but there was no second guessing my decision.
I don’t want to get married to Amit, he is not right for me, I said. My Mom almost fainted, my brother thought I was joking but it was only my Dad who was still looking at me for answers. He sat me down, handed a glass of water and asked me to pour my heart out. I told him everything….How he always pulled me down, I was never good enough for him, and how he always compared me to his other friends. When he held my I didn’t feel the spark but I always felt like he was tugging me along. I can’t be happy with him I announced, I need to find my true self first…

He didn’t say a word, my dad. Got to the phone, to call it all off. Just two months before the wedding, you must think am crazy to have realized it this late. But it’s hard to muster up courage for change sometimes. Am glad I did… it’s better to breakout than live a life of convenience and regret...

I flew to Canada for an internship program with a Design firm. I found my true calling, found the man of my dreams, someone who respects me… I wouldn’t have had this all if I had dreaded change.
Am glad I,
Looked up and not behind. 

This post is inspired by  https://housing.com/.


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