Friday, March 6, 2015

Hamilton Beach Oven Review

After my success with the Hamilton Beach Blender, it was time to put the huge Oven to test....
I like to call myself  a YouTube baker. 
I love experimenting with recipes, but they sometimes go horribly wrong or at times magically fall into place. But my last couple of cakes had been major disasters. The oven never really heated evenly and I always ended up with a cake that was either burnt or undercooked. Just when I was contemplating my plans about a new oven,  the awesome people at Blogadda and Hamilton Beach India sent me a brand new gleaming oven to review. 
There is a God!

It arrived in this huge box that surely caught some attention on its way. It took two people to get the whole thing unboxed, as it was so well packed. its reassuring that they take such good care about the logistics of their products. Once I extracted everything out of the box, I was bowled over by its immense size. Just what I needed for my baking experiments, couldn’t wait to get started.

Specifications of the Oven:
-1500 Watts
-32 litre Capacity
-Fits 23cm x 33cm bake pan
-Fits two 12” pizzas
-Rotisserie accommodates a 5 lb. Chicken
-Convection cooks food more evenly
- Bake, broil and toast settings
-120 minute timer
-2 Skewers for kebabs
-Superior Stainless steel body for durability
-External Unit Dimensions(cm) 31.8 x 52.7 x 43.2

 I baked and baked my heart out with this one… I didn’t stop at cakes.. I also baked cookies and a restaurant style garlic bread as well. To my surprise, each one of them was a total success.

The cake in the making:

The cookies that scored me some fans:
Recipe curtsey : Divine Taste  

The garlic bread experiment that was a runaway hit:
 Recipe curtsey: BharatzKitchen

What I love about the Hamilton Beach Counter-top Oven-

#I love that it is spacious on the inside, its huge but surprisingly doesn’t occupy too much space on my counter.
#The convection mode in baking makes baking faster plus circulates heat evenly, perfect for even cooking.
#The browning was just about perfect. My garlic bread had the right crust and the right softness on the  inside.  
#I would highly recommend Hamilton Beach products as they not only look breathtaking but they also  mean business.
 I am yet to check out the rotisserie and the Two pizza baking claim the that company makes, its on my to-do list for the next week.

If you have the right tools, you can #CreateFearlessly. Can’t wait to undertake many more baking experiments with my all new Hamilton Beach India Oven. Come on over…

This post is a part of a blogging collaboration with Blogadda and Hamilton Beach India.


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