Sunday, February 1, 2015

Do Not disturb- with Quikr Nxt

Am not new to Quikr. I’ve made some great purchases off it. Some brand new, some pre-cared. Like for the time that I bought an almost new Crocs bag for my son for only 400rs, which otherwise retails for around 2,000rs. Or for the time when I bought a vintage Spanish trunk from a guy who was relocating. I’ve scored some great deals while surfing the site and I keep going back for more.

Quikr has a wide range of products to choose from and had it is present in a number of cities. After a fantastic experience of buying stuff off Quikr I decided to sell my old camera on it. It was an old OLYMPUS point and shoot camera and was just taking up space in my cupboard. So after my mom nagged me to get rid of it, I decided to sell it.

Posting add was a breeze and I could manage it all via my cell phone.  Adding pictures and details about the product was really quick and easy and I didn’t even need to reach for PC for it. In the contact section I decided to give my mother number as I though it wasn’t too safe for me to leave my contact info there.

The next day when the haunting began. As I was out, my mom was left at the receiving end of all the inquires. Though at first she was happy that at least one of them would turn into a prospective buyer, but by noon it got exhausting for her to keep track of all the interested people and their enquiries. By the time I got home in the evening, she was all worked up and regretted the idea of posting the add in the first place.
After watching the new tvc about the new Quikr Nxt feature, my mom insisted that we give it another shot and handed me a list of things from the kitchen and the attic that she was willing to part with. A unused mixer form my dad’s last year Diwali party was the first sale she made via Quikr Nxt.

The Quikr NXT is all set to redefine  e-commerce and here’s is how:

 Privacy under wraps- you have an option of keeping your contact details private and yet your buyers can connect with you via this feature. This means no inquires over the phone OR what’sapp  at odd hours.

 You have access to all your chat history, that way, you don’t have to jog your memory about the deal details. Everything is right in from of you.
 The ease to share details and pictures via the app. This one really helps to push the product, as it gives the buyer a fair idea about the purchase he is about to make.

So that's all bout the Quikr Nxt. If you too are contemplating about the unused stuff lying around in the house, I’d say give a shot.


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