Saturday, February 28, 2015

Avoid Car Flip Horrors with QuikrNXT.

My experience with Quikr has been a pleasant one. I have managed to score some great bargains and some really sweet deal off the website. It’s a great platform for buyers and sellers to connect while eliminating all the drama. I reckon it’s a great place for start ups and small scale entrepreneurs that help them show case their products, free of cost and in turn help them reach out to their potential buyers. Along with entrepreneurs it’s also a great place to flip unwanted things that otherwise eat dust in your attic.

 For instance I bought my nephew a sparingly used Crocks bag pack for only rs. 400 that otherwise would have retailed for noting less than rs.2100 in the market. I also managed to sell  his play gym and a rocker for a mighty sweet deal.

There are a lot of apprehensions about the site. For instance people don’t want to give out their personal details along with the advertisement fearing that they might be vulnerable to losing their privacy. Taking note of this apprehension, Quikr has come up with a brilliant concept of QuikrNXT. It’s an exclusive chat app that lets you get in touch with the seller, while keeping your privacy intact. No more bizarre inquiries at odd times of the day. You can now reach out to the client at your time and convenience. Can this get any better?

Practicing what I preach!
Since I was all gaga over the site, I tried flipping my Dad’s 2000make Maruti Esteem. It’s been lying unused in my garage since the past 6 months. Since he had a bitter experience in dealing with the local car dealer, he was apprehensive about making a sale with them. So that’s when I proposed the idea of posting the add on Quikr. I downloaded the QuikrNxt app on his smart phone and asked him to give it a shot. Not looking too impressed with the idea at first, he still decided to give it a shot.

I explained the mechanics of the app to him and really reassured him that there will be no random people calling him while he is busy giving presentation in the boardroom. Every day after work, like an excited child he would share messages about potential buyers. I just hoped and prayed that things would finally materialize with someone.

So after five days, on a Sunday morning, he wakes me up and tells me to get the car sparkling clean, as its new owner was on her way to test drive it. If all goes well she might pick it up today itself he said. As promised at 10.30 a father daughter team showed up at our door to test drive the car. The girl had just turned 18 and her dad was buying the car for her as a birthday gift. They were happy that the pictures depicted the cars true condition and they froze the deal right then. Dad sold it for a cool 75k which was way more than what the scarp dealer had quoted. He was happy to sell the car to someone who appreciated it just like he did. 

A win-win for me!
Dad had noticed a great condition 2007 model Honda civic, that was well within his budget and was available from a seller on Quikr. He got in touch with the seller and made a down payment from the money he made off the Esteem. Guess what? After 15 days, I was cruising my way to in my personal Honda Civic.
How glad I am that I introduced Quikr to my PA... love him...

If it hadn't been for the QuikrNxt app I don’t think that my dad would have ever agreed to sign up for this. If you too are looking for score some great deals then log on to and get posting.


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