Saturday, January 24, 2015

The proposal

I was asked :

If you had to propose to your crush on Valentine's Day, how would you do it?  This post is my answer to the question….

Well since this is a hypothetical situation, I say let me go all out and arrive with a bang, after all chances of getting mocked, embarrassed and turned down in a hypothetical situation are close to zero. So I reckon I run my imagination crazy and do things with finesse.

Let’s assume,
There is this really intelligent, attractive deep and brooding boy (do they even make them anymore) back in college. Cut to reality, I like it if they have an air of suspense about them. Think Robert Pattinson. Well since he is so intense about life, my proposal cant be about a cheer leading troop singing about my crush on him. He’d probably die of embarrassment.

I’d like to set up a suspense treasure hunt for him. Kinda inspired from Gone Girl, but minus the psychotic drama of course. So I'd rope one of his friend in. Make sure I get him on my side and he will act as my access point to him. Once I have my ground work covered, it’s time to execute the master plan. A plan so elaborate that by the end of it, he would fall in love with me and sweep me off my feet.

I’d send him excerpts from his favorite authors snuck in his books, online stalking is so much easier now that we have the social media access. All the information that you need about someone is just a few clicks away. I’d keep this up for a week or so without reveling my identity.   

Now that I have his attention I’d leave little details about me in his bag courtesy his friend, who in reality belongs to #TeamDisha. Little details about things that I like, the books I like to read, the movies I like to watch and the food I love to eat etc. Once we keep this up for a week, there comes a time to have a little test to gauge where all of this is going.

This juncture is crucial because it could swing either ways. Either he could be mortified by the fact that he has an unknown psycho stalking him or he could get really flattered by all the attention he is getting. There is only one way to find that out. A note will be sent ask him to sign his name on the board by the end of the class, if he is keen on meeting the girl behind the letters.

If he does leave behind his sign on the board, which I think he will, then it’s time for the great reveal. The next day I'd leave a trail of treasure hunt questions, which lead him to me. If he could figure them in time and reach me I’d tell him that am head over heels over him. But if the questions prove too hard for him and he gives up along the way , I'd assume that he just wasn't intelligent enough for me. After all he want the last boy on earth...... 

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