Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blaa without you - An ode to the great Indian Litter Bug.

 This satire is dedicated to the Great Indian Litter Bug.

I’ve traveled around the world, seen so many places,
But all I can recollect are just pale white faces.
Their streets are just like them, empty and boring,
Everyone is so prim, with not a thing on their flooring.

But back home, things are colorful and bright,
Reds, yellows, greens and blues, they are sure to get your senses excite.
There is an army of men, who painstakingly keep up the art,
After all, it’s not an easy job to have your streets smell like fart.

The aunty who tosses orange peels on the track,
To the famished uncle who dumps an empty packet of his snack.
The little bums doing their morning business on the highway,
 To the little girl tossing banana skin down the sky-way.

The cigarette butts on the floor that depict a modern instillation,
To the buffalo's bathing in our lakes like they’re on a vacation.
The sweet smell from the crossroad bins, of freshly decaying compost,
When away from home, it’s honestly the only thing that I miss the most.

Dear litterbug, you give my city character, you give it identity,
This amalgamation of sights and smells bring back the feeling of serenity.
Everywhere I look there are colors of hue,
If it wasn’t for your dump, this place would be so Blaa without you….

Thanks for the stray wrappers, thanks for torn cartons,
Thanks for the empty packets, thanks for the plastic bottles,
Thanks for the rotting peals, thanks for the aluminum cans, 
Thanks for the poop filed dippers, thanks for the stale parathas,
Thanks for the paan painted walls, thanks for the shit on the road,
Thanks for the gum on my shoe, thanks for the floating flowers in the sea,
Thanks for the half eaten pizza boxes, thanks for the snort filled tissues,
Thanks for the empty coffee cups, thanks for the industrial waste in my water,
Thanks for the blood soaked sanitary napkin. Just the sight I need to brighten my day!
Thanks for packing all of the above in loosely tied polythene in all the colors of rainbow. 
          Thanks for spilling these of my streets, thanks for serving a ready meal to the crow, dogs, cats and cattle’s, so that they can ingest your junk, choke on the plastic and die a slow and painful death.
          Thanks for creating a makeshift breeding ground for pests flies, roaches and more, after all India has way too many people and it’d be nice if we can get rid of a few of them. Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, Cholera. I wonder what’s your poison?

Thanks for stealing my trash can, so that I never have a place to put it away. After all we come from the land of snake charmers, elephants and garbage. Why change that image that your ancestors of the litterbug clan had so painstakingly built.


Dr. Ajeet.R said...

This is one kick ass post, i love how you have expressed your love for our Mr. litter Bug.

Aditi Mathur said...

Awesome post, loved it SO much!
I submitted mine today and realized it is probably late, but then I found your post. I'm okay now, thanks to your (delayed) company, heehee.
All the best, girl!

Disha Kotak said...

Awww Aditi, too bad, but there is always a next time. Hope I squeezed mine in though!

Ekta Khetan said...

Hee hee :)

priya singh said...

hilarious stuff!

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