Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Eerie to Airy.

1998, A torn ligament.
I vividly remember the pain, I significantly remember the unbearable cast itch but I specifically remember the citrus burst that hit me every time I visited my doctor for my follow-ups. Funny after all these years, the only memory attached to my broken leg is not the painful physiotherapy  or the long waiting hours at the clinic but the smell of his office. It smelled of oranges and lime, it certainly made my doctors visit more comforting.
Smell, good or bad can affect our mood to such a great deal. It can make or break an Impression in a matter of seconds. So when Blogadda contacted me to Review AmbiPur’s New Air Effects I was more than keen to take it up and see how it lived up to the claims.

The AmbiPur’s New Air Effects Review:

Mumbai rains + poor constructions + condensation + humidity =   
A grumpy me.
 Imagine living a cold damp room, where the flooring and the walls bleed dew. That’s the state of my bedroom every monsoon.  The wet room puts everyone off. The cold damp feeling is made even worse by the musty smell it leaves behind. I was excited to see if the AmbiPur’s New Air Effects would could uplift my drab eerie room.

   The package arrived by evening, my son was quite put off when he discovered that it was an air spray and not a toy… Since all his toys are ordered online, he presumes that all packages that show up at our door are meant for him. He looks at the spray, pretends that it’s a laser gun and goes around the whole house shooting evil aliens. His fight to the save the Universe is short lived cause it’s time for his swimming lessons. 

   We get back home after an hour and the first thing that hits me as I open the door is the pleasant smell of jasmine. Honestly, I hate floral smells, they make my gag. But I was surprised that the AmbiPur’s New Air Effects Blossom & Breeze didn’t trigger my migraines but instead took me back to the tropics.   

   Impressed by its efficiency I went to check on the dungeon that we call bedroom. It didn’t magically wife out the moisture not did it fix my leaks, but it surely took away the unpleasant smell and replaced it something more welcoming. I did try a generic room freshener before the AmbiPur’s New Air Effects, it did work for the first half an hour, but after that i needed to keep respraying the room to maintain the fragrance. that was not the case with AmbiPur. One squirt and you are good to go... It truly eliminates odor rather than merely masking it... The husband approved my new spray and so did my li'l galaxy warrior. I would give the AmbiPur’s New Air Effects a 10 on 10 for its performance.

   But why just stop there, I have been using it liberally in my shoe cabinet. Thankfully now I don’t have to reach for a gas mask every time I reach down for a pair. Wet shoes…. God save me....

   The AmbiPur’s Air Effects spray can is fairly well designed and its prices at an attractive 250rs. for a 275g size bottle. I reckon this one should easily last me a monsoon, provided i can keep my galaxy warrior away from it...

This above post was a part of a product review for the AmbiPur’s Air effects in association with Blogadda.


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