Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Kings breakfast with a Kellogg’s twist

Hunger pangs,
It’s the moment when you are most likely to sin. A snack full of sugar and salt, deep fired goodies etc. is all what you feel like reaching out for. Don’t let yourself get to that stage... Always fuel up before those rats rumble, not to mention before the migraine takes over.

There are bazillion myths around breakfast and snacking. Either we skip it completely or we load it with all the wrong food. The best advice that has stayed with me is by Dr. Phil when I saw him on the Oprah show. He said, when after a full night’s sleep your stomach is empty and craving for fuel. When you skip breakfast your body goes in to an overdrive and the organs feel that since they are starved, they are dying. So now your body is in a survival mode, so the next bite you eat, gets stored as fats. This is because your body is saving up for survival.

Imagine putting your body through it every morning. No matter if you eat a healthy lunch that salad isn’t going to do you any good as your body will store it as fats. A strong building needs a strong foundation, and that is only possible if you start your day with a healthy wholesome breakfast...

But who has the time???
Am sure we all are guilty of putting our priorities ahead of our breakfast, there is always a school bus that is waiting, the presentation that isn’t finish and the 8.30 local that we just can’t miss. Where is the time??

Make time; get up only 15 minutes early than your usual time. You don’t need anything fancy, just simple things that you can put together in a jiffy. Trust me your gut will love you for this. Prep up at night, make mental note of the menu for the next day, so that you don’t waste your time puzzled. And if you are still looking for inspiration, why not log on to Kellogg’s you tube channel?  https://youtu.be/XzB1mruGC78

There they have a whole list of recipes that you can whip up in a jiffy and are loaded with goodness. The best part of the video are that they are simple, can be made form ingredients found at home but also do justice to your palette.

My personal favorite was a smoothie made with cornflakes. Such a perfect breakfast on the go, for the days when you really are in a rush. With so much information available at your finger tips, you just have no valid excuse to miss the most important meal of the day. Log on to: https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta and start planning...

Make sure you hit me back with a list of your favorite breakfast recipes from Kellogg’s.
Happy snacking!  


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