Saturday, August 30, 2014

Why UniverCell SYNC?

They call themselves “the mobile experts”, they also sell tabs, accessories and calling cards and more… But what makes UniverCell SYNC stand out? Sure you can head to Croma, Flipkart or your friendly neighborhood cell guru for all your phone needs. Then why UniverCell?

It’s a dedicated space for you to come an explore. Touch fell, understand and question. Music, Work Or Play, what is your poison?

The staff at the store. They  answer to all your annoyingly silly questions. NO MATTER HOW LONG YOU TAKE TO DECIDE. They don’t push you around. No pressure. If at all you do decide to zero down on your perfect match. They are thoughtful enough to sit down with your sparkly new phone, transfer all your  data and give you a live demo and explain the working. This surely eases the transition.

The after sales service. For a tiny premium of UniverCell total care , you get: home pick up and drop service for your beloved phone. Zero sweat over water damage and cracked screen, they have it covered*Hallelujah*

After the swanky tour of the store, I was about to make my exit, I just caught a gimps of something that affirmed the UniverCell philosophy. Where every customer is special. Not matter if you are here to buy a Micromax or an 5S, you are both given the same importance.
That I learnt firsthand when I saw a rikshaw driver, his son and the UniverCell SYNC executive get into an animated conversation about a phone he bout a few days back. They had a major angry bird crisis and it was commendable how the sales guy was walking them through the downloading procedure and also shared some insightful tips about the phone’s memory n stuff. Am glad I eavesdropped. For this little delightful experience, UniverCell you have me SOLD. 

UniverCell and Indiblogger, thanks for the invite. It was a pleasure exploring.
To know more about UniverCell and locate them check the out @ UniverCell


Anunoy Samanta said...

Were their prices really competitive? All the best Disha :-)

Ekta Khetan said...

Liked this review. Unlike a lot others that just bragged. :)

Disha Kotak said...

Anunoy, their prices were competitive, as good at par with a Croma or an reliance digital.
ekta , appreciate it!

Dr. Ajeet.R said...

Its true that one little incident was enough to understand the kind of service this company stands for. they have a show room right across my office, but if it wasn't for your review i would have thought it was just ANOTHER tech store.

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