Wednesday, July 30, 2014

TataZest GoaMeet Experience !

I love blogger meets, it’s a great way to connect with the fellow bloggers. But when they send you packing to an exotic destination it’s a whole new experience in itself. Blogadda a.k.a. BA and the generous people from Tata flew top 50 bloggers from all the corners of the country for a night of horsepower and muscle at Zuri, GOA.

5 points of awesomeness about the ZestGoaMeet:

As we boarded busses to take us to our swanky hotel, they had little blue bags waiting for us on our seats; it had some sweet and savory goodies. Right then I knew we could expect some really great things off this trip. Let the pampering begin….

At the gate, the whole BA team was there to receive us. Super star treatment I must say! We got a traditional welcome loaded with the kumkum tikas and welcome drinks. I felt I was a part of a destination wedding minus the bride and the groom and the clingy relatives.

Meeting others, some new some old. Probably the highlight of my trip. Made great friends. From sharing the room with a total stranger from Delhi who btw was a total sweetheart *hugs manjulika*. To soaking up some sun with some fantastic ladies.  Stealing brownies and begging form beer, to raking up a really intellectual conversation about the lack of plus size fashion in India. Loved every minute of it.

Let’s talk business, the presentations from Tata on its latest product Zest was a new experience. I leant so much about the functionalities  of a car and its mechanics. It gave me a new perspective to look at the machine with a new found respect. Every line is there for a reason, every trimming has a though behind it. Amazing.

The drive, you can read all about my drive experience here:

The great hospitality of the superheroes from BA,
HARISH – you are like this one big huggable bare. The way you made sure everything was in its place was fantastic. It not easy to handle 50 unstable bunch of opinionated blogger, some can give a drama queen dive a run for its money. But you pulled it off with a fantastic smile and kudos for that.
Ankita, Anand and others from BA, thank you for having me on this trip. Am glad I got to experience it all. Your efforts were fantastic and can’t wait to connect again soon. Great show guys, pat your backs team BA. And Tata thank you for all the TLC. Hope to see the Zest on the roads soon.


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