Friday, December 27, 2013

From A Mother to Another, Lessons in Parenting.

A question got me thinking ,
What are the 5 things that you would want to gift your child for their secure future and why?

Parenting is tough,
There are good days,
And then there are days when you just feel like a failure,
I can’t do this Maa,
A million calls that go to my mom when I feel like am crashing.
My mother has been my guiding light whenever I felt I was not doing enough as a parent,

Form my conversations with Ma , I’ve put down a list of to-do things that every parent in today’s day and age should follow ,
This might just be the best gift, you as a parent could give to your child.

From A Mother to Another,

#stop being a helicopter mom! Don’t suffocate him, let him fall, let him bruise, he needs to learn to brush himself up and carry on. He needs to learn to stand up to bullies. Don’t fight his battles for him, he is more capable then you give him credit for.

 #Do you realize that smart phone of yours is taking away the time and attention from your child. You spend more time on your cell , when would could invest in figure painting or playing pretend.
She had a point, I realized I spent more time Face-booking,  WhatsApping , Candy-crushing and Instagramming .The very next day I cleansed my phone of all the unnecessary apps that were cluttering my life.  It’s about time I cared more about connecting to my child than my friends across the globe.

#it’s not the end of the world if he doesn’t top his class, embrace his limitations. But make sure he is well read and well informed. Help him fall in love with books, and see the magic take over. Marks don’t matter, at the end of the day the man who holds a good conversations steals the show. Give him enough opportunity to shine at what he does best. Imagine Einstein figure-skating, now that would have been a disaster.

#tell him that he is loved, a million times and more. It’s important to express.  It’s important that he knows he is not judged, it’s easy to stray once you grow older, but it’s that love that will keep him grounded.

#help him empathize with those who don’t have. That’s the only way he will cherish whatever little he is blessed with. Help him see the world beyond his tinted windows.

#Learn to invest, learn to save, for yourself and his future. Your grandpa couldn’t peruse his dream of studying medicine cause he couldn’t afford the 1700rs fee back in the 50’s. Make sure your son never faces that. Cut your expenses if you have to , but make sure you save up so that he can spread his wings. A well planned investment plan with an insurance cover could be a smart option. Life is uncertain so its wise to plan ahead.

#don’t take your job too seriously, remember to have fun along the way, you don’t want to raise an uptight, boring adult. Make it fun, goof up, laugh over silly mistakes and remember not to magnify their faults ,especially not in front of others.  Remember you were not born perfect, so keep your expectations realistic. parenting is a tow way learning process , you will be surprised the kind of things you can learn from your child. My three year old know more about my smart phone than me !

You could give your child everything that money can buy , but  there is no substitution for a parents  love and time.
But apart from above if you are looking something more material then consider ,

A toy that will help him learn while have fun,
A good set of colours  that will nurture his imagination,
A pet that will help him love and be loved unconditionally,
A gadget , used under supervision could do wonders,
An occasional free pick treat to reinforce good behavior . The child could decide how he wants to be rewarded, it could be his favorite game, a trip to the mall or a treat of his favorite dessert, all cause he has been a been a good boy and to let him know he is appreciated.

Happy parenting :)

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Canary said...

other times gadgets in the hands of kids can be lethal ;).. enjoyed... ATB :)

Disha Kotak said...

agreed ,
but isn't everything lethal ,
they will get to it , one way or another ,
if you deprive they will want it more,
supervised gadgets can be a lot of fun ..
but then again its my take ,
you don't necessarily have to agree :)

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