Monday, September 30, 2013

Lend A Vent !

I have a rather agnostic approach to life ,
So for me to believe in something , I need a solid backing of valid reasons and proofs!
Phew ! that’s a strong opening line for a review!

I wouldn't lie, when i signed up for the AmibPur's Mini Vent Clip review program in association with Indiblogger , I had my doubts about this minuscule contraption that made tall claims about giving your cars gagging smell a 360 degree makeover !

So I decided to put this little baby to test on one of the worst kept cars in my family
"The '99 model Maruti Esteem" .
This car is the stepney of the family and whoever is the last one to wake-up , gets stuck with it . This one has barely seen the face of a service station in the last 5 years . But surprisingly the engine is still alive n kickin' and gives a decent mileage(the only reason my stingy father is still holding on to it )

The body on the Esteem  has started to give away and when it pores, the water dribbles down  on to the seats.Hence it ends up reeking beyond imagination ! (thankfully only on the back seat)

At times when I get stuck with it , inspite of the 36 degrees inhumane Mumbai heat  I make sure that I roll down my windows  and stick my head out like a dog! Driving this one with the air conditioning on is just not an option.

If the mini vent can make this car breathable ,then I promise to endorse it to everyone I know.

So the next morning I put the mini in action.  Couldn't help but notice how easy it was to plug it in. ( p.s had my doubts about it fitting into the vintage vents of the car , but it fit like a glove) While I was still parked I turned the ignition on and started the stopwatch on my phone to document the amount of time it took for the citrusy note to hit me !
And I couldn’t believe it !
In 1.43 seconds flat the car started smelling like orange juice with no sugar and less ice , just like I remember back from my college days. Funnily, I was busy reminiscing and forget all about the dump that I was driving.In the evening when I was on my way back home , the product sure kept its promise. Opposed to its tiny size it was quite effective .The horrific musty smell was replaced with a fresh welcoming  citrusy aroma.
Yaay ! i could finally drive this one with the aircon on !
The Vent passed the test , that was my " fresh n happy " experience with the Mini Vent !

The lend a Vent !

So ,
ok ,
I was sold on the product,
It was time to keep my promise and endorse it!
I lend my vent  to my friends and family and got their take on it.
Here's what felt about The AmbiPur's Mini Vent Clip:

Remember how this campaign was named "Lend A Vent "
So the idea was to lend is to everyone and not hoard it ,
But some people just don't get the idea!


Some really great responses for the MiniVent,
But here's  what I felt about the product :

Am not going to get in to rating the vent ,
After all I am no movie conociere and this is not a Rohit Shetty movie that I can rip to shreds.
So am going to keep it simple,

What works:
Loved the tiny size,
Loved the no spills technology,
Love the fact that it’s only of its kind in the market.
Loved that it’s effective in spite of the tiny size, (mere 2 ml is effective for a good 30days or more)

What needs work:
Its greatest strength is its worst enemy, its tiny size that might be deceiving against its effectiveness and value for money.
 If I was looking for a car freshener in the market and came across the mini vent, I would think twice before putting my hard earned 200rs into something that is so tiny. It’s just basic buyers psychology.
So if people at AmbiPur can come up with an introductory offer on the MiniVent, then they can effectively entice the customers to give it a try. Once the customer has seen how effective this product is, am sure the next time he will find his moneys worth for the 200 that he spends on it.

The marketing keeda in me came up with a fun promotion idea for the MiniVent:
Station your guys at entry points in the best malls in the city , during the security check they can install the vents into the cars , and collect them back at exit points . That 5 minutes , till the time the subject exits the security check and enters a crazy maze in hunt for a parking spot is enough for him to get the feel and understand the mechanics of the vent . That 5 minutes is enough for him to fall in love with it!
a nice and unique way to get across to your target audience without being in their face!

The MiniVent is available in 5 variants and  retails for rs.200 (till the last time i checked, or up until they take my suggestion into consideration and come up with an introductory offer price.)
You can order yours here ->AmbiPur

Disclaimer : The post is a part of an incentive based review program by AmbiPur , Powered by Indiblogger. None of the characters who have been a part of this review program are fictional, their reviews are authentic and have not been edited just to make the product look good.
Thanks for dropping by!


anitaexplorer said...

Disha, Great work! A Winner Post indeed!
Love your personal conversational style extolling Ambi Pur! The pics are brilliant!
All the very best for the contest! :)

Disha Kotak said...

Kind word's give me such a high ,
Am new to this and your appreciation is highly cherished,
thanks for stopping by Anita !

Nidhi Thacker said...

Excellent, Disha! Your blog is such a joyous read every-time! And you almost made me feel the orangey smell of the little product! I am buying it as a Diwali gift for all my family!

Bhavin Ruparelia said...

Awesome !! Definately a winning post.. & Girl.. Take a bow for your marketing strategy :D... Excellent Work n Extensive Research will surely make u win this one !!

rahul said...


this is the first time ive had fun reading a review ,
you sure sound convincing about the product,
will give it a try,
thanks .

Disha Kotak said...

thanks nidhi ,
thats a fab idea , you will not regret it !

Disha Kotak said...

thanks bhavin , i hope so too....

Disha Kotak said...

ive had losta fun working on this one , am glad you did as well.
try it , TODAY!

AJ said...

Amazing Post...Great concept....i am sensing a winner here. :)

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