Monday, August 26, 2013

Smelly To Smiley

Remember the time when even before you could enter the room you quietly go in your head either

 “man ! what just died in there"
 “wow , did I just die and end up in Eden”

After hours of research in 6.45 local ,with no qualification what so ever ,
 I have derived the following theory ,

 “Smell is most involuntary of all senses”

My reasoning :

If you don’t like what you see , you can look away,

If you don’t like what you taste you can barf it right out ,

If you don’t like how it feels, you can kick him in the a**,

If you don’t like what you hear , you can pump up to volume to  Mr. Himesh Reshmiay,

But if you don’t like what you smell , well you’re in hell, sure you can run in to your little foxhole till the air clears (literally), but what if you’re stuck in a meeting or hitchin a ride with the big  guys on the 36th floor in a car that can only be described as a smokers dungeon.You can’t stop breathing , in those time’s all you can do is, fake up a sinus and sniff the clone on the kerchief and keep telling yourself to

 “think happy thoughts”…..

Unpleasant smells have a way of invading our homes. The stink of garbage leak into the kitchen, bathroom smells permeate the hallways and pet smells engulf every corner of a home. To combat these smells, you would normally destroy the source, but most of the time, this isn't really an option. Your only other option is to cover up the odor with something pleasant. Hears how...

From smelly to smiley into 3 simple steps,

Step one : log on to
Step two : pick your product
Step three : unpack , spray and breathe again.
  Need help in picking the right product , don't worry !
I have put my innate sense of smell through gurgling test's and have come up with perfect recommendation of products for your home, office , car and the loo.



 In the car ,  I loved the AmbiPur car perfume’s Pacific Air fragrance , great reminder of the freas ocean breeze when your busy dogging the craters in 6pm jams. Starter kit  @rs.200, refill @rs.175

      At home I personally love the AmbiPur’s  Effects , Meadows n Rain. The fragrance has lovely earthy notes that makes you warm as you enter the room. @rs.199


In the loo ,   this place needs the most amount of attention , so the AmibPur’s set and refresh is just perfect product . Its works like its name , all you need to do is unpack it , place it and forget about it . I personally love the Sweet Citrus Zest fragrance,  the undertones of citrus work like a little pick me up while your busy doing your business. @rs.199 , Refill @rs.160.


At the office I would recommend the AmbiPur’s Effects, Linen and Sky.
Its subtle but not overpowering, just perfect for that  formal setting.@rs.199

AmbiPur is coming up with another new product Mini Vent Clip , it claims to eliminate odors and make your car so refreshing , you will feel you’re on a holiday every time you drive. Now the product is yet to be released in the market but it sure sounds revolutionary , watch this space for my reviews on that one.

Disclaimer : If you choose to revamp your place with the Ambi Pur’s range of products , then be warned that people may never wanna leave . So may I suggest , you might want to use it sparingly when the mother in law is in town.

 This post is my entry for ‘Smelly To Smiley contest’ an initiative by AmbiPur powered by  Indiblogger.


Bhavin Ruparelia said...

I guess u forgot to mention the annoying farts.. that often messes up the entire environment :D...

jahid said...

Yes Ambipur could be the savior :) All the best for the contest Disha!

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